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Introducing - Jaco Rademeyer

Name: Jaco Rademeyer
Email: @improvat
Address: Brooksstreet 201 Brooklyn Pretoria South-Africa 0181

Hello My name is Jaco Rademeyer.I am an apprentice goldsmith
working for a CC caled Studio Dorr.We manufacture handmade
jewellery from smelting the metal to polishing the constructed
piece.I am hungry for new techniques and would gladly supply any
to my knowlidge.I am very exited that i found your
site on the net because I am not really into computers.My boss
also do a bit of vacuum casting for it is the only way to survive
the SA economy at the moment.I would love to hear of other
craftsman’s techniques to ensure a perfect cast where everything
comes out as it should. Thankyou very much for letting me into
your circle of the most creative people in the world.