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Introducing - j.harlan cane

Name: j.harlan cane
Email: @notltd
Address: z.b.b.c… 6655 Delmar Blvd. St.Louis,MO. 63130

From 1963 thru 1969 i was an apprentice mfg. jeweler,for Goodman
jewelers…i loved wire bending then…went to work for a
rock’n’roll band…concieved and opened Zebede resturant in
Marin co,CA.the San Francisco Bay area… worked around the world
(Tunisia;Saudia Arabia;Greece;France;Hawaii)as a
landscape-gardener… made films in Los Angeles(my
birthplace)for 8 years…got married moved here to St.Louis…
opened Zuma Beach Bead Co…Education is a big part of
Zuma…check our web-site i am still a wire
bender,the wires’ flexable fluidity serves a constant personal
reminder… i am a lamp-work glass bead maker( if you want to
expierence alchemy try this art… and thru it all my playing
with shadows and light hold and release is the thread of this
jewel-like life…life is My hobby surfing and marbles travel are