Introducing - Island Gem and Rock

Name: Island Gem and Rock
Email: @Islndgem
Address: 290 Bay Street Victoria BC Canada

My lapidary hobby sort of evolved into a business. At this point
Island Gem and Rock is offering lapidary services (sorry no
faceting yet!), shop space and instruction, and a supply of rough
material. I teach the lapidary course for the Victoria Lapidary
and Mineral society and am very active in building my own skill
sets. I also do some silversmithing as a hobby. Hopefully I can
offer some help for people with lapidary questions. I also am a
computer systems engineer so I don’t mind fielding the occasional
computer question.

Hi Steve,

Sure do - Island Gem and Rock Homepage

I don’t have too many cab pictures up there yet but I am working
on it. There are a few pictures of rough material local to this
area as well. I prefer doing freeform cabs so don’t expect too
many calibrated ovals ; ). I also am working on translating an
old lapidary shop hints from a grungy old typewritten form to
html - takes quite a bit of editing after OCR but there is about
25 pages of material there so far (under the shop hints
section)and more coming.


Cameron Speedie - Island Gem and Rock