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Introducing - Isabel

Name: Isabel
Email: @ISABEL100

I have been making contemporary silver jewelry for about 6 years.
I have studied fabrication with Rebekah Laskin, John Cogswell
and David Butler, and lost wax casting with Ken MacBain, all at
the Westchester Art Workshop in White Plains, NY. I have shown my
work at four Armonk Art Shows and several private shows and
boutiques. I won the second place ribbon for crafts at my second
art show.

Name: Isabel
Address: Westchester County, New York

A long time collector of hand made silver jewelry, I began
making my own in 1991. My style is, hopefully, bold, dramatic
and unexpected. I like toys and things that move, so I sometimes
try to incorporate both in my work. I have shown in several art
shows, but currently work solely on commissions. I am always
looking for better ways to do things, and am happy to share what
I learn. Gold is my next frontier, and I look forward to help
and support from Orchid.