Introducing - Irene (rene) White

Name: Irene (rene) White
Email: @femmenazi
Address: 444 N. Armistead Street
Alexandria,VA 22312

Hello, orchid members just a brief note about who I am and what
i do. I am a serious novice metalsmith and probable lapidarist(is
there such a word). I say probable because the idea of cutting
and polishing stones for my work appeals to me on all levels. i
have long “hung” around the fringes of metalsmithing and with the
encouragement of friends have taken some novice courses. my work
involves oncorporating found beach objects, raw minerals, and
fossils. I am also a quilter and currently am exploring
different quilt patterns as pins and broaches. I look forward to
gaining experience, and learning from this community.