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Introducing - Ian LeClair-Responce

Hello, my name is Ian LeClair, and I am a senior at Sunapee
Middle High School.  As part of my graduation requirements, I
have to do a 60-hour "senior project" about a topic of interest.
I chose jewelry and fine-metalworking, hoping to learn something
about the field.  I have virtually no experience, but I'm willing
and eager to learn, and I hope to gather some useful infor- mation
from this discussion group.  Thank you.

Hi Ian,

What a fun topic you choose. My name is Phyllis, and I am a
novice in jewelry making myself. This is a great group to learn
from. I mostly just read the email and once in a while I ask a
question. But I always get good answers from everyone.


I have been silent lately because in order to earn some money to
start with I have become a partner with someone that has a
singles group. She asked me about a month ago and I said no
because of my starting up my jewelry business. But reality set
in when all of the bills started to come in for the things I
have been buying just to get my office set up. I am now
exploring the various grants out there for minority and disabled
people starting a business. If I can’t get something there I am
going to have a very slow start.

I live in Frisco Texas, which is a suburb of Dallas. Frisco is
is north on Preston Rd., the very next town north of Plano. Is
there anyone out in North Dallas or the Metro area that would be
willing to be my mentor? I am a quick learner, but I have alot to
learn, and many questions.

I haven’t been able to spend alot of time making anything
lately, and my stock of made up jewelry is low right now. I
intend to refocus on that as soon as I figure out the financial

Good luck Ian,