Introducing - Helen Leung

Name: Helen Leung
Email: @hlsiuhlwaiswl
Address: 10 Mount Parker Road
2F Quarrybay Hong Kong

This is the second time I join ganoksin online. Last time I was
a jewellery student in the TAFE in Australia.I was so busy I
couldn’t keep up with all the news here ! That’s why I quit.

Now ,I have returned to my country of origin --Hong Kong.I hope
I can start my own business here as a designer/maker of art

Dear Ms Helen Leung

I read your email and find it interesting. Please let me know
where you learn your jewellery design and crafting in Australia.

Thank you.
With best regards,
Tay Thye Sun

Hi Helen, Welcome to Orchid. Were you at the Design Centre,
Enmore when you studied jewellery in Australia? I am a teacher in
the Jewellery Section there. We had a wonderfully talented
student, Phillip Leung, who was originally trained as a gem
carver, and was one of our top jewellery graduates in 1997. If
you were at the Design Centre, I’d love to have some feedback
about your impressions of the course. Kind regards, Rex Merten.