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Introducing - GRS Tools - Jonathan Didde

Name: GRS Tools - Jonathan Didde
Email: @glendo
Address: 900 Overlaner Road
P.O. Box 1153 Emporia, KS 66801 800-835-3519


My name is Jonathan Didde. I am the new Marketing Director at GRS
Engraving Tools. I had noticed that you are an active member
through ORCHID. We at GRS Engraving Tools are also beginning to
become active members as well. If you are not familiar with us, we
are the manufacturers of the Gravermeister, GraverMax, GraverMate,
Benchmate and Magnablock systems. We even teach stone setting and
engraving classes ten times a year in our GRS Training Center. Many
of you may be using our tools. I just wanted to introduce myself to
everyone and also ask you to visit our webpage sometime.We are
still in the process of building/improving it, so please be patient
with us. Also, if you would like for us to send you a catalog,
please e-mail us with you name, mailing address and telephone
number and we’d be glad to get one out to you. Our new catalog is
now in the process of being printed. Please visit us as or e-mail us at @glendo We would love
to hear from you. Thanks!

		GRS Tools