Introducing - Glenn McCune

Name: Glenn McCune
Email: @GMcCune
Address: Grafton, Massachusetts

Hello all! Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Glenn
McCune. I have been interested in gems and jewelry for several
years and enjoy cutting stones with my own equipment and making
jewelry. I particularly enjoy taking an old, damaged stone that
has had a long home in a special piece of jewelry and re-cutting
it back to its original condition. People are so thrilled when
I’m able to restore something that has great personal meaning.
It brings me great satisfaction to do so! In my spare time I enjoy
walking around and looking for unusual rocks, minerals, and
fossils. Most every- thing interests me that pertains to science
and nature. I appreciate the privledge to be part of your group
and look forward to hearing from anyone and everyone. Until
then, I look forward to informative exchanges.



Welcome to Orchid, Glenn. This is way off subject and has
nothing to do with jewelry- Isn’t TUFTS a medical school? Just
curious! Regards-Ricky Low, Jeweler and Hand Engraver, Houston,
Texas,USA (713)-974-3710