Introducing Georgia Goldsmiths' Group

I just signed with this group and missed the original discussion.
However, if you will e-mail me privately at I will
forward the info that I have. I am president of the Georgia
Goldsmiths’ Group, a nonprofit group established for the sole purpose
of educational opportunities and networking in our area. We are now
five years young but still dedicated and determined. With tremendous
thanks to John Cogswell especially, and Jean Stark, Carol Webb, and
others, we have managed to host some incredible educational
opportunities. I’m willing to share anything I know with anyone who
asks, a guiding principle I learned from John.

If there are other instructors out there who would be interested in
“teaching” in Atlanta, please e-mail me privately. This is not the
venue for those discussions.

Happy Smithing to All. Sandy Capparell