Introducing - Georgeanne Brutscher

Georgeanne Brutscher
Bloomington, IL. USA

I have been designing beaded jewelry for a little over a year. I
started on a small scale, with 2 kits. Those 2 kits gave me so much
satisfaction, that I thought I would try it on my own to see what it
would be like. The first few pieces were very amatuerish, but as I
have grown I have found that I want to venture out, into designing
my own beads. At this point, I am trying polymer clay designed beads.
I’m still at that very first step, but I am looking again, at color
combinations and will be attemping more. I have found that there is
so much out there to do, my fellow artisans have challenged me and
encouraged me, that I don’t think there would be any way to not
challenge myself to further heights in the artistic world.