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Introducing - Fred de Vos

All; I presently run a small school in Manhattan, Fred de Vos Wax
Workshops, I specialize in teaching students how to develop jewelry
wax prototypes. If you visit my website: you will
find more about my school and teaching methods.

Hi Fred, Welcome to Orchid. We met briefly at the Ganoksin/Orchid
table at the MJSA show recently. I’m sure that you will find this to
be a friendly, sharing community.

Joel Schwalb

Welcome FRED!!! I have studied with Fred for years. He is the BEST
teacher I have ever had and he is the man to talk to about anything
dealing with wax carving.


I will also be teaching a Wax Workshop in Tuscany - June 12-19,

For more please visit the following links:

Thank you,
Fred de Vos.