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Introducing - Fran Hare

Name: Fran Hare
Email: @fhare
Address: P O Box 222 Monterey, TN 38574

I’m a bead artist. I’ve been making jewelry for almost five
years. I want to learn how to make sterling silver purse frames
for the beaded bags I design and make.

Hi Fran I too am a beading person and mostly work in silver.
Becareful about using silver as your closure…It is very soft
and I am not sure could take the wear and tear of a purse. Maybe
if it was really small and didn’t take alot of punishment. Send
me your ideas and I would be glad to help.


Dear Fran:

have you tried opal beads? They come up from time to time so
keep in touch if you are interested.

best wishes Fran,