Introducing - Farooq Hashmi

Name: Farooq Hashmi
Email: @Hashmisa

Hello everyone! I’m an avid facetor and collector of fine cut, and
rough gems. I also collect mineral specimens. I have extensive
knowledge of gem finds in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Kashmir. I
travel to this region frequently. I was previously a wholesaler who
dealt mainly through conventions and mail orders. I am 21 years
old, and currently in college studying law and politics. I
know…it sounds weird, but I am also enrolled in the GG program
with GIA. I look forward to sharing the I have with
all those interested and in gaining that others are
willing to share.

Name: Farooq Hashmi
Email: @Farooq_Hashmi
Address: Intimate Gems
PO Box 310668
Jamaica, New York 11431

Hello all, I dont know exaclty how this is supposed to done
considering i’m fairly new here. I’m a semi- precious and
precious gemstone dealer. I deal in a variety of material from
several countries; however most of my material is from the Asia
and Africa region. I wholesale and retail rough and cut gem-
stones. I’m an eager and talented lapidary artist who has been
faceting and cutting gemstones since i was fourteen. I travel
extensively to the source and am very fond of material from
Pakistan and Afghanistan. I am also currently in college pursuing
a degree in law and government & politics. The business history of
gemstones spans 3 generations in my family and I look forward to
providing all those interested with interesting facts about
Afghani and Pakistani material.