Introducing - Evgeniy

I am searching for new opportunities to realize my abilities. My
name is Evgeniy. I was born in Leningrad (St.-Petersburg) in 1967.
Many years I was moving to a new place of the service of my father,
who was an officer of the Army of USSR. After high school, according
to our family tradition, I had education at the Military Academy. Not
having found myself in that field, I realized that it is not my
calling and in 1990 I left the army and became an apprentice of the
jeweler at the soviet state manufactory. After a year I left this
manufactory for the independent work of the freelancer. Since, I have
gradually been establishing an “independent” workshop and achieved
required freedom of creativity. Independently, looking up the special
literature and asking for helping of the old master-hands, I learned a
few techniques of work: filigree, enchase, fixture and setting of
stones, foundry technologies. Gradually I am approaching technique of