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Introducing - Elna Brunckhorst

Hi all, This is Elna in Berkeley, off-list for a while doing the hard
mid-life stuff. Eager to be part of this forum again, as I’ve missed
living my ‘normal’ life. A visit to Rhyton Studio in SF (Hratch the
engraver and artist, you know who you are!) whetted my appetite for
creating again; those torches and tanks gathering dust, the packed
tools, the materials, are all whispering sweet come-ons to me. Thank
the creative muses! I’m happy to be part of the learning crowd here
again, and hope that I will be able to contribute occasionally. In
the past I’ve done mostly work with high-karat gold, fusing,
gemstones and pearls. Love both clean modern lines and antique
esthetics. A particular interest is wearable perfume jewelry for
solid (beeswax based) or liquid perfumes (oil or alcohol based) as I
dabble regularly with blending natural perfumes.

Elna Brunckhorst
Berkeley, CA. USA

I’m returning after an absence, now reinventing myself at the good
age of 50 from jeweler to student again. Jewelry will be in the back
seat but probably, as always, a driver whispering words of
encouragement. I’m studying to become a family therapist – as if
Berkeley doesn’t have enough! I will always create adornments of
some complexity, and hope to not only learn here, but perhaps
occasionally to have something to offer.