Earthly Wealth has become a web presence! All it took was weeks of
struggle with FrontPage, days of battle with the webhost and AOL,
lots of advice from fellow webbers and jewelers … and oh yes - a
little jewelry.

Let me know what you think of the site, folks. You’re the real
experts out there. Does it read well? Does it navigate well? Is
the font big enough? Do the colors look OK on whatever system
you’re using? Thanks!

And - gently please - let me know what you think of the jewelry.
Tas is still a little unsure of herself.

www dot earthlywealth dot com


Tas - My suggestions - make the font larger, my old eyes couldn’t
read the explanation on your “stones the science” page and I had
trouble with some of the other printing - may be the way I have my
screen set up. Also, you might repeat the pricing, etc. on the
enlarged picture so the person doesn’t have to go back and forth so
much (my memory is as weak as my eyes!) Nice site and good luck. Jan

It looks nice, for a start, and it loads fast. I love fast websites.
And now for some constructive criticism.

I don’t understand why there are buttons for some things, and then
there’s a text list for your products. You should have all buttons,
or all text. I prefer all text. Also, it’s customary to have a link
labeled “Products” or “Gallery” or “Catalog”, something so people
don’t have to search around to find out what you’re selling. The
“Sold Gallery” is good, because people like to think other people are
buying your stuff.

The photos are a bit dull. If you’re using a digital camera, set the
white balance and exposure manually so these will be the same for
each piece, then go into Photoshop and punch up the contrast. Also,
I’d like to see detail closeups of each piece.

That’s all for now.

DMGreer, LLC