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Introducing - Dietrich Riemer

Name: Dietrich Riemer
Email: @riemer
Address: 1717 150th Ave. SE, No. 27 Bellevue, WA 98007-6856

I am interested in Soviet-Russian medals, badges and orders
which are often jewelry quality. Very little is published about
fabrication methods of the awards. They are often made from noble
metals usually highlighted by some enamel features. Many of the
higher-priced awards are said to be on the market as fakes. As
an electro-mechanical Boeing engineer, I would like to establish
authentication methods based on comparison of telltale signs of
the fabrication process, differences in the materials and of
tooling marks. As the first step, I have to derive the original
fabrication method from a detailed visual inpections of each
award. I want to do this by comparing the awards with pieces of
jewelry of similar construction.