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Introducing - Diane Petkoff

Name: Diane Petkoff
Email: @Chipie
Address: 4803 N. Bell Chicago, IL 60625

Hello… I am thrilled to become a part of the network regarding
jewelry design. I have been interested in jewelry making since I was
about 8 years old and found myself coveting my big sister’s collection
of beads. After many weekends and evenings spent with my new finding,
she gave in and I acquired the whole lot.

Ever since, I have been collecting assorted beads and findings from all
parts of the U.S. and with some help from my travelling family also parts of
Europe & Asia.

When I started college to become a fashion design major, I found out
that that particular curriculum was being phased out. I was faced with
the decision of what to pursue in my education. After many days of
deliberation, I felt that since I had this passion for jewelry making,
perhaps they could offer me an education in this field. They did and the
rest, as they say, is history. I have my BFA in Crafts in Metals. (Which
loosely translates into a jewelry design degree.) Here I am years later
still plugging away at all sorts of beading techniques and cold
manipulation of metal.

I am hoping to contribute any that I can, as well as retrieve
to help me further my experiences as a jewelry designer.

Thank You. Diane Petkoff