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Introducing - Diane Almeyda


Name: Diane Almeyda
Email: @DianeAlmey
Address: P. O. Box 565234
Miami, Fl 33256-5234

I have been interested in jewelry and related “art” objects for
many years. For the past year and a half I have been
concentrating on plique-a-jour enameling and have taken several
classes with Valeri Timofeev, a Russian master
goldsmith/enamelist (THE BEST - bar none!). I would welcome
communication from any persons interested in and/or executing
plique a jour items. Thanks in advance!


Diane: Having seen photos of Laliques, I would hesitate to do any
plique a jour because I would be afraid I’d desecrate the
process. However, one thing I haven’t seen here on Orchid, but
would be interested in seeing, is an elementary description of
the process.

And, regarding Lalique, did the exhibit in Texas go anywhere
else in the States??