Introducing Debbie


I just joined this list. I really haven’t MADE any jewelry in quite
some time (25 or so years???). I went to FIT and that’s where I got
interested in designing jewelry. I never did make things that were
as nice as the things I designed.

I was originally taught to design using guache and water colors. The
designs came out looking nice, but it was VERY time consuming. It
took me a few days to complete one design.

About 10 or so years back, I developed a technique using the
computer (and PowerPoint). For all I know, others have done the same
(it wasn’t that difficult for me), but I do know that now I’m
capable of creating a design in about 1/2 an hour. So now, the
number of designs I have has ballooned from a couple dozen or so to
a few hundred.

One problem – I am not able to create these designs myself. I had
been working with someone, but things never got past the planning
stage and I’ve moved on.

That brings me to the reason I joined this list. I am looking for
someone to work with. This is not as in I’m looking to pay someone
to create my designs, this is more in the way of “I’m looking for
someone with the vision to work with me and the patience to wait
until things take off”. I have made some contact with a possible
agent, but to work with her, I would have to have ready made pieces,
then she would know how to market them (and I have some marketing
ideas in addition to hers).

I am located in the NJ area.

Is there anyone on this list who might be interested in this
venture? I have two basic types of designs – one is Judaica, the
other is non-Judaica (with a few designs created with the gay
community in mind).

Thank you in advance.

Debbie, I just want to thank you personally for the B"H insertion.
Let me take this opportunity and explain to many others, just what it
really means. This email is “Praising G-ds Holy Name”. Or it also
similar to PTL. These two words are in Hebrew but abbreviated into
English…“Baruch Hashem”. I use this logo very often in a manner of
legalising a contract/receipt or a check. It’s a nice thing to see,
thank you for using it ! Gerry!