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Introducing - David Giulietti

David Giulietti
David Giulietti Designs
Sebastopol, CA. USA

I am a hand engraver and goldsmith working in northern California.
Much of my engraving career has been comprised of work on musical
instruments. I do a lot of work on top-shelf custom guitars. Many of
my clients are musical instrument manufacturers like Martin Guitars
and the Fender Custom Shop. I engrave the metal parts as well as the
ivory or pearl inlays in the instruments. I do a lot of
collaboration with inlay artist Larry Robinson. Last year I had a
chance to work with Mr.Robinson on the Millionth Martin for Martin
Guitars. Larry designed and executed the inlays, custom tuning
machines, bridge pins and soundhole screen. He brought me in as a
specialist to engrave the metal and ivory parts and to help with the
fabrication of the metal parts. You can see the finished work on
Larry’s website:

I also do hand engraving for the trade as well as design and
fabricate my own gold and platinum jewelery.

You can see the finished work on Larry's website: 

Welcome to Orchid!

Beth Unbelievable!!! 

Now you’re talking. I hope this caught you’re eye, Brian. Pretty
cool, eh?

David L. Huffman