Introducing - David Chivers

Name: David Chivers
Email: @lukugems
Address: The Gemstone & Jewellery Manufacturing Company Ltd.,
PO Box 34086,
Lusaka, Zambia, 10101

I own and operate a jewllery workshop, lapidary and several
small scale mines in Zambia. I work with Zambian gold, silver and
local gemstones from Emeralds to Garnets. I export to the USA
mailny both for gemstones and jewellery but am seeking furhter
markets for bulk rough

Dear David, Welcome aboard…I think you may have the distinction of
being the first Orchid member from Zambia. ( there have been inquries
from people in Zambia, but I am not sure that they were subscribers).
For the benefit of fellow Orchidians I can vouch for the
knowledgeability, honesty and reliability of David Chivers, I got to
know him rather well when I spent three months in Zambia a couple of
years ago. David is very personable and is very well connected. I
recommend him especially to anyone travelling to that part of the
world…David can open doors for you…
Ron MIlls at Mills Gem Co. Los Osos, CA.