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Introducing - David B Anderson

Name: David B Anderson
Email: @dba
Address: Po Box 40 Carson, NM 87517

Dear fellow Orchid Subscribors, I have been in the jewelry field
since 1982. I studied jewelry at the University of New Mexico with
Ralph Lewis. Working with Ralph gave me an amazing opportunity
to begin discovering who I am and what I think I am about.
During that proscess I developed Jewelers block. I also
developed pain in my spine that lasted for weeks. That pain and
block led me to seeking help with my emotional body. I manifested
a teacher with whom I worked with for years. I soon discovered I
had a tallent for helping others heal. The proscess of self
healing led me to the conclusion that I must do this work on my
self for the rest of my life. (There are people in India who are
over 350 years old) The jewelry I make I want to be beautiful to
those I make it for. I make many objects that reflect the aspect
of Mother God. This Devine Love leads me on to creat jewelry
that has a more powerful energy field. I would like this jewelry
to do far more than be beautiful. I would like it to support
people in radiating their own Devine Nature and helping heal (If
they choose) their own Body, Mind and Spirit. In my work with
teaching people how to heal themselves, jewelry has not played
much of a role. I plan on encorporating more of that in the
future. Then again; I might go in a differen’t direction.
Devine Inspiration!!