Introducing - Darlene Terry Stout

Darlene Terry Stout
Gifts From Within / Rock and Mineral
Clinton, TN. USA

Hello! I am the owner/operator of Gifts From Within in Clinton, TN.
Here we wholesale a large variety of Rock and Mineral. Semi-Precious
Stone Beads, Sterling Silver and Copper beads, findings, and Wire,
Lampwork beads, wooden beads, and not to forget all the different
kinds of Rock and Minerals. (too much to list) We also have Lapidary,
Wire Wrapping and Beading services. I locate Mines from around the
world for importing Mineral Rough including Facet grade rough. Only 3
years young, our company seems to be climbing the side of the
Mountain Clift securely. I am always wanting to learn more about any
areas with the Rock and Mineral. So by joining, I hope to develop a
broader mind.

Darlene Stout