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Introducing - Daniel P. Buchanan

Name: Daniel P. Buchanan
Email: @dan1
Address: Nelson House 21 Nelson St. Belwood, Ontario, Canada
N0B 1J0

I am a multi-media artist of 20 yrs. professional experience. I
specialize in sculpture involving fine woods and stone, as well
as fine airbrush painting. I have designed and created the
product prototypes for a figurine manufacturer, as well as two
ornamental glassware companies in my area, including the
respective advertising and catalogues. I have experience in gold
& silver smithy, gem carving & setting, and wax proto work for
moldmaking & casting, and the associated industrial design work.
I do my own lost-wax process, and am currently set up to cast in
silver and bronze, with gold coming in 1998. I practice detailed
high realism in my works, and my subject matter is taken from the
myths and legends of the classic or golden ages of many cultures,
mostly European & Asian. My present studies are in the field of
Celtic knotwork. Some of my bronzeware is on display at Studio
Celtia in London, Ontario; I attend various art shows & festivals
each year (often with my stalwart Jack Russel Terrier at my