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Introducing - Daniel Grandi

Name: Daniel Grandi
Email: @jagman425
Address: Racecar jewelry co.
PO. box 10327
Cranston RI. 02910

Hello to all. My formative years were in Bangkok Thailand from
1964 to 1980 during which time i went to the International School
of Bangkok ,learned how to speak Thai fluently as well as French.
My introduction to jewelry mfg.started in Thailand. when i arrived
in the U.S.A , the first thing that i did was to go to work
designing jewelry machinery for a company in Rhode Island. I was
the person responsible for developing the original heat cured
Silicone rubbers that are presently being used today in lost wax
mold making.Another item of interest that i developed is the
solid flask vacuum paper liner(patent Pending) which will
increase the vacuum draw on your pieces being cast by at least
30%…Resulting in lowered flask temperatures and denser
castings. I presently own/run a small company called Racecar
jewlelry co.We do our own items as well as finished high quality
Sterling and Gold products for other customers. Sincerely, Daniel
B Grandi

Hi, I’m Known on Orchid as Jagman425, But for some reason, about 3
weeks ago,all email from Orchid stopped coming in and Both Dr Hanuman
and myself have not been able to resolve it (it is something to do
with the mail server…Don’t know who’s mail server) In anycase, I
have signed up directly with my companies email address. If anyone
needs to contact us for our services, Please use

We do high quality casting and finishing as well as soldering,fusion,
assembly,cnc model work, Hand made models, colored enameling,badges,
police,military,fire dept., corporate jewelry and giftware. We offer
these services to those who need them such as designers, model
makers, stores, catalogs,and people in the trade. We handle small to
large volumes and also do custom one piece castings and finishing
for people who need this service. We have no problem signing
confidentiality agreements if the customer supplies the agreement.
Glad to be back with Orchid. Daniel Grandi Racecar Jewelry Co. Inc. 52
Glen Rd. Cranston, RI. 02920 USA Tel/Fax: 401-461-7803

I have to add, Daniel did a rush casting job for me for a show I am
doing in NYC starting tomorrow- all the pieces he worked on are DROP
DEAD GORGEOUS- especially the enameled pieces he worked on. I would
never use another caster again!!

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