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Introducing - Cynthia M. Leazer

Cynthia M. Leazer
Design Creations
Warrenton, Virginia. USA

I do simple silver and gold jewelry. I cut, solder, manipulate, and
inlay one metal with another. I do glass fusing to make jewelry and
hope to add pmc+ to that. I have done some beginners pmc+ work. I
will try just about anything once or twice till i get it down, then i
like to move along. I just bought a new band saw that will cut glass
stones and metal so i look forward to putting my siver onto this and
making some new designs.

I cut opals and have done so intro faceting which i really enjoyed,
i plan on doing much more of this in the future.

I seem to do so much i run out of time to do it all. But i sure love
doing everything, my biggest problem is setting tiny stones and
chanel setting stones, that i have not mastered yet i get very
fustrated when trying to set these types. But i am hoping that
joining this group someone outthere can give me some tips or tricks
with setting stones that will help me out, as well as a few other
little problems i have. And maybe i can pass on some of the things
i have learned that may help someone else, at least i hope so,
otherwise what good is what i have learned?