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Introducing - cyan2375

Name: cyan2375–shawn
Email: @cyan2375

hello.I am cyan2375. I am a young mid-west female who is completely
self-taught and is interested in the lapidary arts. I create
hand-made boxes in the spirit of Carl Fabrege mixed w/ hand rolling
techniques in materials of a moh’s scale of 5 or lower. I also do
mosaic work, contemporary jewlery, small carved fiqurerines,desk
plaques and the like. Most interesting to me would be any
on new low-tech stlyes of working with my materials.
While I am not much on faceting as the equiptment is exspensive, I
may try it soon… Other feilds of interest…petrology,gen.
geology, environmentalist, Native Am. (Cherokee), various
crafts–including-- miniature paintings, color drawings, pen&ink,
design, costuming for theatrical prod…if it’s crafty–that’s
me…Have been crafting for 8yrs…thank you for your time…and
keep ypur nose to the grindstone…