Introducing - Chuck Long

Name: Chuck Long
Email: @Chuck_Long
Address: 22680 Deerhaven Ln
California, Maryland 20619
Ph: 301-475-3988
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Greetings, I am working in the jewelry trade currently approx. 18
months. Having completed basic and intermediate GIA courses in
the JMA. I am also a hand engraver with 8 years experience and
former member of The Firearms Engravers Guild of America. My
interests are mainly Engraving, Sterling silver jewelry and
lapidary. I am hoping to be able to contribute to this forum as
well as draw on the vast knowledge herein.

Hay, Chuck Ken Kamoda here, I am a jeweler of 13 years.I have
recently taken an course in hand metal engraving .then the school
dropped it!Was wondering where you got your training?Iam
currently working in a high end store in Greensboro NC.I
Cast,carve wax models,make molds,set stones but enjoy hand
fabrication most. No lapidary.Wonted to hand engrave sense I
started in jewelry but could find no one willing show me. Have fun

Hi Kamoda,

I am totally self-taught, beginning with books geared toward
Firearm Engravers and some tapes put out by the same, practicing
on Steel and Brass. I have done jewelry, Belt buckles, knives,
silver platters, I also machine engrave but thats not really
engraving, I use hand gravers, Chasing hammer & chisel, and
NgraveR handpiece in practice. I highly recommend James B. Meeks
book “The Art of Engraving” as a source of

I hope this helps, If you need further, let me know.

See ya,