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Introducing - Christian Grunewald

Aloha! After a long time of not contributing and enjoying the
benefits of this great forum, I AM BACK!! This has always been a
great resource for all. I have be working on new cutting edge TECH
and honing my hand bench skills on applications. Now that everybody
doesn’t think CAD/CAM is crazy <like 6 years ago>, I would like to
contribute to the community again. I noticed alot of old friends,
also back here as well. My thing is product development and
applications, and the fastest way to get there. Sales is secondary.
I am Technical/Applications representative for Model Master,
MasterCAM, and Techno-Isel and a certified (or certifiable ?) bench
monkey/modelmaker for 30 years.I am Happy to be back!

Christian Grunewald
Wahiawa, Hawaii
USA, 96785