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Introducing - Christia Hughes

Name: Christia Hughes
Email: @Stellla
Address: Grimball & Stokes Jewelers
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Hello, I am a Jewelry Designer and Goldsmith. Educated at
Northern Illinois University with a B.F.A. in Metalwork and
Jewelry. I started my real education when I apprenticed with a
jeweler in the Chicago suburbs and in Buffalo, NY. I moved to
North Carolina so that my hands wouldn’t get stiff in the

I had my own business as a contract shop for six stores in the
Triangle but found that I prefered making the jewelry rather than
running a business. I have been employed as the Head Jeweler for
three years now and find I really enjoy being an employee. Some
day that may change but who knows. When my contract is up then I
will renegotiate.

I am always trying to find ways to improve my skills and to
overcome technical problems. I search other industries and the
internet for secret processes to add to my abilities. I hope to
find and share some here.

Only the best to all,