Introducing- Chip Vigansky

Hello everybody.

(first off please ignore my spelling errors and what not i just had
some surgery and the pain killers make me a little slow :slight_smile: )

I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Chip and I live in
niles MI. I have been collecting rocks and stones since i was a boy
and have recently started collecting gems. I signed up to this list
because i’m also interested in jewlery and would like to know more
about how to produce it. I have no experiance working with metal so I
will probably start out with some simple bead work then maybe move on
to some wire wrap pendants and what not. after reading some of the
posts on this list i know a lot of you guys are way over my head in
skill and knowledge. and i know i’m going to learn a lot from you.

I was wondering if you guys knew of any books that would help me
learn the basics?

Thanks for your time.

Welcome Chip: At the bottom of every email you get from Orchid there
are hyperlinks too the Archives, galleries, Tips from the jeweler’s
bench, etc. It is well worth your time too search them, as many of
your questions will be answered. Please don’t think I mean to say
don’t post questions. I am just pointing out some of the vast data
that is there for the taking. A direct link to book reviews on the
Orchid page is
Michael R. Mathews Sr.

Most of the major suppliers of tools, like Rio Grande, Stuller,
Gesswein (to name my favorite catalogs) have books and videos
available as well. Everything from beginner on up. And remember, we
all started out somewhere as beginners doing simple stuff.

I was wondering if you guys knew of any books that would help me
learn the basics? 

Hi Chip, As a jeweler and bookaholic I can recommend quite a few but
will keep the list down to a selection that cover beginning projects
really well:

Jewelry Making Manual by Sylvia Wicks ISBN 0-9615984-2-5
Jewelry Making by Jinks McGrath ISBN 0-7858-0676-8
Jewelry Making techniques book by Elizabeth Olver ISBN 1-58180-210-2
Jewelry Fundamentals of Metalsmithing by Tim McCreight ISBN 1-880140-29-2
The Complete Book of Jewelry Making by Carles Codina ISBN 1-57990-188-3
Professional Goldsmithing by Alan Revere ISBN 0-442-23898-3
Indian Jewelry Making Vol 1 by Oscar T. Branson ISBN 0-918080-15-0
Indian Jewelry Making Vol 2 by Oscar T. Branson ISBN 0-918080-17-7

There are more but this should get you started!! I have some wire
wrap books if you need some also.

Marta Irvin, Sacramento Orchidian