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Introducing - Cheryl Lombard

Today I met the most incredable wax carver. She came into the store
with an aligator carving she had just finished. It was the most
magnificently detailed piece I have ever seen. She is new to town
establishing herself. For anyone who needs something done, this is
your person. We had her do a piece for us. She is fast and reliable.
Check her out at www.lomlarddesigns AT I am pleased to tell
my orchid friends about her because she is a real asset to have on
your team.

Cheryl’s web sight did not come thru correctly. So here it is again Do check her out. She is fabulous.

Hi Richard,

Her work is great but her website needs some work - it doesn’t
display at all well in Firefox on Windows… I put a screen grab
the first page here to show the effect I
get. This relates also to the recent discussions on web page design

Best wishes,
Ian W. Wright
Sheffield UK