Introducing - Charles G. Heick

Hello all Orchid friends. I respectfully say “friends” for I have
been on this list since March of last year and have become familiar
with many of you from your postings. Now, after almost fourteen
months of lurking, I finally feel comfortable enough to come out of
the shadows (I always was a little slow). Admittedly, I finally
caught up on all the Orchid postings I was behind on. Can you
believe at one time I had over 1400 to read!

I am 50 years old and have lived all my life in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Since I was old enough to pick up a rock, I was interested in
Mineralogy and Geology. However, until recently cut stones seemed
too artificial and I wanted nothing to do with them. Now, that has
changed and I appreciate the beauty of the faceted gems.

Currently I’m studying for my Graduate Gemologist degree from GIA…I
still have a long way to go. I took stone setting, jewelry repair
and casting courses at Conners Jewelry Institute in Georgetown,
Indiana in 1998 and an advanced course in 1999. Started my jewelry
business, Charles Joseph Jewelers, on a part-time basis in October
1998. I don’t have a retail store, but work out of my home by word
of mouth. My goal is to have an Internet Site for business before I
expire. I do stone setting and repairs, but don’t have all the
equipment I need yet for casting. I get most of my settings and
metal from Stuller. I’m pursuing all avenues of and data
to keep moving forward and build on my new career. Currently I’m
working full time as an electrical engineer and I am somewhat
bored…I need a change.

By the way, concerning melee, according to my GIA text book it’s
pronounced mel-e (long e, rhymes with belly).

My first (very small) contribution!
Thank you Dr. Aspler for this opportunity.

Charles G. Heick