Introducing - Chad C. Wicker

Name: Chad C. Wicker
Email: @cwicker
Address: 5855 Walnut Creek Rd. G154
River Ridge, LA 70123

A Electrical Engineer by trade (Telecom). I plan to start a
sideline Hobby of jewelry making. I was taught to make rosaries
by a nun in my early teens. Eventually I got into making
chainmail, and naturally turned this into jewelry sized items. I
plan to set up a web site with my work and will anounce it later.
I will try to add mounted faceted jewels and cabs to my
creations but that is a way off. My interest in the jewelry
making arts was greatly helped by my reading the Orchid’s
archives and am gratefull to all the contained
inside. I look forward to anything I can contribute and anything
I can get out of this list.

Best wishes
Chad C. Wicker