Introducing - cassandra Lamoureux

Name: cassandra Lamoureux
Email: The
Address: 5306 kalmia Drive
Orlando, FL 32807

I have been making jewelry for 10 years now, starting with peyote
stiches and beadwork and finally working into silver and gold I
worked for a body jewelry manufacture where I learned every
aspect of silver and gold casting as well as machinist type work,
I feel that I have a pretty well-rounded knowledge in many
different types of metals, silver, gold, platinum niobium,
titanium and stainless steel, as well as aluminum, all of which I
incorporate into my designs. As far as “traditional” bench
jewelry knowledge I would have to say that I am not as well
versed. I do bezel sets very well, but as far as your typical
Diamond setting I have never done a setting like that.