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Introducing - Carrie Nunes

Name: Carrie Nunes
Email: @tnunes
Address: 1119 Woodvale Drive Nashville, TN 37204

My name is Carrie but I also go by Pooh. I am a budding artist in
Tennessee. I work mainly in silver and some copper. I did most of
my metal studies at a Tenn. school- Appalachian Center for Arts
and Crafts. I tend to work quite small although I have had some
basic blacksmithing. I am craving to do some more steel work
after doing so much work in miniature lately. I have a small
group of designs inspired by my garden. The designs are
relatively simple for the purpose of doing some limited
production. They are all fabricated ,as well as chains made from
scratch. I would love to get some feedback and would be happy to
send scans. I currently sell my work directly to individuals and
am working on a brochure mailing list containing jewelry, frames,
boxes and some garden ornaments. Excuse me for blabbering on but
I could use some guidance and advice!

P.S. To-Andrew Goss- Just wanted to let you know that I have
enjoyed getting to know you and your wife’s work on the web. Very