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Introducing - Carol Rucker (A Nice Lady)

Name: Carol Rucker (A Nice Lady)
Email: @Ruckerlady
Address: P.O. Box 46674 Cincinnati, Ohio 44246

I am a corporate drop out turned jewelry artist. This is my
mid-life career change. I work with all kinds of metals, stones,
glass and other interesting materials to create my unique line.
I sell mostly at Art shows and small shops and boutiques.

I am always looking for on techniques to improve my

Hi Carol,

Welcome to Orchid! You will love this list and the wonderful
sharing people on it. It’s been 12 years since I left
Cincinnati, But it is still HOME! and I miss it terribly. Same
background, too. Peruse the archives, you can spend days,
literally, learning all kinds of great tips and tricks.

Nancy <@nbwidmer >
ICQ# 9472643
Bacliff, Texas US on the Gulf Coast just blocks from Galveston Bay