Introducing - Carol Oster

Name: Carol Oster
Email: @clo
Address: Oster Designs
1954 First Street
Highland Park, IL 60035

I’m a novice beader, making necklaces, amulet bags,
bracelets, and earrings for friends, family,
and occasionally selling pieces or getting
commissions. I’ve been beading for about a year
and a half, and mostly pick up techniques from
books. My inspiration comes from pieces of
jewelery I see elsewhere, from forms and colors
in nature, and from my 10 year old daughter,
who is my primary designer . She makes
sure I share any $$ with her, as she is both
talented and a shrewd businesswoman! I’m in this
for fun, therapy, to stretch my creative muscles
(which I didn’t know I had until I started beading),
and to have something that I do reach completion.
(My “real job” never reaches completion, and is very

Glad to have found this list and site!