Introducing - Borge Kolding

Name : BORGE (Actually that is B ‘Oslash’ RGE) KOLDING
E-mail : @Borge_Kolding
Address : Copenhagen, Denmark

I’ve been ‘listening in’ on this maillist and I’m constantly
learning new and very useful tricks.

For the last 12 years I’ve been making jewellery in some of my
spare time, and for the last tree winters I’we been running a
weekly evening class for other amaturs like myself.

A few days ago we did a centrifugal casting which, as far as the
casting itself is conserned, preformed sucesfully. However,
during the melting of the silver we experienced a lot of smoke,
and afterwards was the tip of the burner and the stirring rod
covered with a yellow layer. I suspect that the silver had a high
contents of sulphur even thoug it didn’t smell much like that.
The source of silver was pieces of cheap armbands that I believe
come from India or some other place in the far east.

I anyone know of this or have any ideas to what it might be I
would be happy to hear from you especially if the melting of this
particular ‘blend’ envolves any helth hazard.

Looking forward to follow the future discussions.