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Introducing - Billy Doolittle

Billy Doolittle
Escondido, CA. USA

I am from San Diego CA and have lived in one the county’s or another
my whole life. I have always been fascinated with rocks minerals and
treasures in general, ever since I can remember. There is something
about the beauty of gems, the way they shine or sparkle. I was
especially fascinated with gem carving and Zuni Fetishes. so
naturally when I found out we had a lapidary society and workshop I
immediately joined to take classes. I wanted to cut gems in the worst
way. I took a cabbing class at the San Diego Gem and Mineral Society.
Back 1989 they didn’t have as many classes as they do now and there
was a 2-3 year waiting list for every class but cabochon and no
carving class. So after a few cabs I got discouraged and dropped out
of the club. I decided I could learn this on my own and I did. I made
many soft rock carvings with tools I found in hardware stores around
the city. About 7 years ago I went back to the San Diego club and
took one of their carving classes. I learned a lot of great
techniques and I am still carving and cabbing to this day. I got to
know some of the local rock hounds and amateur jewelers and
eventually some of the bigger downtown gem and jewelry dealers. I
ended up moving closer to another smaller club on the other side of
town and decided to join. I found out on my fist meeting the club was
desperate for volunteers, so I decided to get involved and offered to
write the club bulletin, now I go to those boring club meetings and
volunteer and participate as much as I can. Not because I’m searching
for more knowledge about rocks but because these are the nicest
groups of people I have ever met, these rockhounds give freely their
advice, findings, good conversation and humor and much more, I just
can’t explain how good it feels to be in a room with a bunch of
people who love rocks and jewelry. I consider them my best friends.
This is the best hobby ever.

Billy Doolittle