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Introducing - Betsy Moore-Galinsky

Hi All!
For months I have been lurking and enjoying the exchange of
ideas presented in this wonderful forum. I can no longer be
silent! Especially after the discussion about how there are no
stupid questions–and I have a slew of them. I have finally moved
my entire workshop into my home after being spread out all over
town. For about two years I’ve been taking sporadic classes and
slowly gathering tools and techniques to support my obsession.
I’m now working with designs incorporating silver sheet and 14k
wire, with an occasional cabochon setting (but I need more
practice with that). I’ll just dive right in with an inquiry–I
would like to know if anyone out there makes their own 14k earring
posts, and if so, what is the best way? Also, is it cheaper than
buying a quantity of them? Thanks and best wishes, Betsy Johnstown,

Name: Betsy Moore-Galinsky
Email: @Betsy
Address: 107 South Melcher Street Johnstown, NY 12095

Hi ! I just resubscribed after a month of being busy with other
stuff. I’ve really missed lurking here- I need to get more
interactive with your discussions this time around. By the way,
very belated thanks to all who gave advice for making my own
earring posts-Bill, Jim, Duane, Hanuman, and probably more. I’m
taking another class, mostly concentrating on cold construction.
I’ve been interested in the anticlastic raising technique for a
long time now,and I’m finally getting to learn it-it takes a lot
of practice, but pounding on the metal is very therapeutic (beats
out the frustration from my day job). Anyway, I’m glad to be