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Introducing - Barrie Fritz

Hi all!

I have been lurking here for a while and haven’t really felt I was
knowlegable enough about anything to make an intelligent
contribution. Note I said intelligent (I am rarely at a loss for
words). :slight_smile:

My name is Barrie, I am in CA and I am just starting out (making
jewelry that is).

I welded commercially for the better part of 20 years, and my back
finally had enough; making jewelry seemed like a natural
progression-some of the same skills, an outlet for my creative side,
pretty shiney things, what more could a girl ask for?

All of you have been a great inspiration, and I have learned more
from this forum than I thought possible. You have great, no awesome
websites and I alternate between being envious and being inspired.

As for the ‘jewelry friends’ thread, there I do have something to
say. Being a welder, living out in the boonies there is NEVER a lack
a ‘friends’ who need a corral repaired, a trailer hitch built, or
something welded in general. My solution has been either we trade my
work for something you have/do that I value equally, and/or you pay
for my materials and you provide me with some favor be it
babysitting (I have 5 kids of my own and gained 4 more when I
remarried so not a favor to be taken lightly), fixing my

I would not expect my friend (imaginary lol) the plumber to supply
the new garbage disposal as well as the labor to install as a favor,
although I would not have a problem with them donating the labor if
they so chose (at which poing I would offer my services in return).
Likewise I don’t mind making something for a friend, but I do expect
them to pay for the silver and gemstones I use (well if I use a

For family, I would more than likely give them a gift at least once
a year anyway, why not make it a piece of handmade jewelry that they
will likely cherish (and brag about)? Besides if they truley care
about you and your business then they should (I said should) be
great advertising. Of course I make sure that they also have a
handful of my cards.

As for the sister in law (she’s got some big ones) she would have
left me temporarily speechless, then I would probably asked her why
she wasn’t going to pay for the piece, and finally demanded she
return it. Not to state the obvious, but never, ever, give her
anything again!

I will wait for you guys to say something back to me before I make
an ass of myself in public (or did I already?)!

Thanks so much for the wealth of I hope I did the
posting thing right!


Welcome Barrie,

Its refreshing to hear from someone who shares my own aversion to
price haggling and would much rather trade skill for skill or
desirable commodity - as a friend once said, “just let the tax man
come and take his cut of that trailer load of manure on the garden”!

Ian W. Wright
Sheffield UK