Introducing - Barbara Mullendore

Name: Barbara Mullendore.
Email: @Barbara.Mullendore
Address:3729 Limestone Rd. Parkesburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Hello! I am a jewelry collector, as well as a beginner
silversmith. Since the stuff I like is hard to locate, and/or
costly, I decided to learn how to make it myself. I work full
time at a “day job” in the pharmaceutical industry. I am also a
college student at night. Therefore, I don’t get nearly enough
time to do what I like - make jewelry. I prefer unique
jewelry,mostly silver. I like pieces that have "a lot going on."
Meaning, pieces that take more than a cursory glance to take in.
I hope to learn a lot from all of you on Orchid relative to my
new adventures in silversmithing. I do have a wonderful mentor,
who helps me immensely, but other insights will be most welcome.
Looking forward to “talking” with you.