Introducing - Barbara Helen Gannis

Name: Barbara Helen Gannis
Email: @barbaragannis
Address: P.O. Box 1824
Seattle, Wash. 98111

Hello everybody. I have been a jeweler for 14 years. After
finishing my studies at R.I.T. I. served 6 months with Germany’s
Barbara Heinrich. I then went to work again as an apprentice for
3 years in the Diamond District in N.Y. Currently I reside in
Seattle where I have a custom shop, teaching design and rendering
at a local goldsmithing tech school. I am thrilled to have
found your site because I can tell there are many other creative
individuals out there that I want to hear from !


Welcome to Orchid! I have found it to be a priceless source of
help as well as a great place to share advice, experiences or
just plain grumbling. You seem to have traveled a different road
in your carreer than myself. I’m largely self-trained and have
spent most of my time the last 20-odd years doing repairs with
occasional fabrications in 14k. I’m now looking for guidence in
design to find my “look.” I’d love to make my living exclusively
this way someday however, the bills just keep coming. I admire
you for following your love of design and look forward to seeing
your contributions to the list.

Best Wishes;
Steve Klepinger