Introducing - Barbara Gillis

Greetings to you all, I should have done this a few weeks ago, sorry,
its that part of my personality that is always a day late and a
dollar short!

I am Barbara Gillis, jewelry designer and goldsmith. I have been
working professionally in the field for 25 years. I have a degree in
Jewelry/Metals from Kent State, my professor was Mary Ann Scherr.
Mary Ann hired me to work in her private studio 3 days after I
graduated from college and it was a tremendous learning experience.
She became my mentor during that time and I credit her with teaching
me this craft which I love so much. I have worked for a family owned
jewelry store in Columbiana, Ohio for the past 12 years. Kimpel’s
Jewelry–An AGS store. It is a great environment with a wonderful
staff. I do custom design and hand fabrication working primarily in
14 and 18k gold. 20 I am thrilled to have found Orchid because I am
the only goldsmith in this county and have very little opportunity to
discuss the technical aspects of my profession. This is a very
useful forum and it constantly proves to me," The more you know, the
more you know you don’t know." You all have broadened my horizons

Barbara Gillis
Jewelry Designer/Master Goldsmith
Kimpel’s Jewelry and Gifts
111 Columbiana Plaza
Columbiana, Oh 44432