Introducing ATTA Gallery

Sawasdee ka, Please allow me to introduce to you ATTA Gallery, the
first and only contemporary art jewelry gallery in Thailand. The 25
SQM Gallery is located in an old neighborhood near the famous
Mandarin Oriental Hotel in an intimate shopping arcade called O. P.
Garden. The Gallery is run by myself, Atinuj (Atty) Tantivit, a
studio jeweler and contemporary art jewelry advocate based in
Bangkok, Thailand. The name of the Gallery, ATTA, means “SELF” in
Pali–an ancient Indian language which is also widely used in Thai.
ATTA Gallery hopes to emphasize the name of the Gallery by promoting
self-expression of artists as well as wearers alike. ATTA Gallery
exhibits wearable arts made by jewelry artists both established and
new talents, local and international. As contemporary art jewelry is
a relatively new concept in Thailand, ATTA Gallery hopes to be the
pioneer in introducing unique works from around the world and in
bringing the awareness and appreciation of contemporary art jewelry
to the Thai general public. For more please feel free to
contact me at atty AT attagallery DOT com or visit our website at Sincerely, Atty Tantivit