Introducing - Ashley

Name: Ashley
Email: @ashley
Address: Remmy Co.
N.W.F.P/S.I.D.B. Plaza, Jinnah Super, Markaz F/7
Islamabad, Pakistan

Dear Everyone, My company and I are miners and manufacturers of hand
made desinger Jewellery. We mine the gemstones in Pakistan and
Afghanistan, then cut,design, and manufacture our one-off designer
pieces. Our pieces are made of sterling silver, eighteen karat gold
and pure platinum. We discovered the gemstone Kashmirine and named it.
Our passion is to produce items of exceptional quality, we use a
variety of styles by mixing traditional western design fused with
eastern design. I have been involved in the gemstone trade since I was
twelve and started our firm 12 years ago. Our clients are mainly
Diplomats, the United Nations staff, and a limited following in the
West. I look forward to being in this forum. best regards, Ashley Remmy
Co. Managing Director and sole designer