Introducing - argaret Malm

Name: Margaret Malm
Email: @margaret
Address: P.O. Box 926
Leeds, Ut 84746-0926

I am a retiree, with diverse interests including botany,
photography, geology, rockhounding, and–SILVERSMITHING. As far
as silversmithing, I am a rank beginner – I had one short summer
course where I learned to do lost wax casting and – no tvery
well!-- soldering. I recently (about 3 years ago) moved to
southern Utah and built a home with a hobby room, so that I would
have space to pursue my hobbies. And finallly I think I am going
to be able to find some time, too! I still don’t have any
equipment; and still very little knowledge. so I do need all the
advice I can get!!